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Hu Shizhong go to Sanxin Medtec to do research

Release date:2016-09-10    Clicks:9067 Time

甘肃十一选五直选查询 Hu Shizhong, director of the provincial Industry and Information Commission, to carry out research in Sanxin Medical

 On the afternoon of August 16, Directorof Jiangxi Provincial Industrial and Information Commission Hu Shizhong and his entourage visited Sanxin Medical Research Institute.
In the company's chairman Peng Yixing, accompanied by field trips, business exhibition hall and production workshop, a detailed understanding of enterprise science and technology innovation, production and operation of the difficulties encountered. In the research, Hu Shizhong stressed that it needs to continue technological innovation, promote the industrialization of innovation results, make better research results into corporate profits, improve market competitiveness.